We use PA Learning Standards for Early Childhood as a guide for our Infant’s and Toddlers’ Curriculum.

We focus on understanding the unique and growing needs of each individual baby. There is a strong focus on nurturing for baby’s healthy development. We assign primary care givers to each infant to ensure open and sound communication with each parent.

  • Every morning our teachers will check with you to see how your evening and morning has been.
  • When your baby has last eaten, slept and been changed.
  • This constant communication ensures a smooth transition from home to Downingtown Academy.

Our Infant Program is designed to meet the individual needs of your baby. We understand that all infants develop at various rates and stages.

We pride ourselves in having kind, loving, and nurturing caregivers who are highly trained to identify and establish Developmentally Appropriate Milestones for each individual baby.

Teachers spend lots of time cuddling and talking to babies to instill trust and to provide a healthy learning environment. In each classroom, babies complete art projects and experience different tactile sensations such as creating hand-prints and footprints!

Your baby will experience different styles of language through story time, puppets, songs and rhymes, and music. Every baby participates in individual gross motor activities, fine motor activities, sensory motor play, and social play.

Teachers also introduce simple Sign Language to encourage communication before verbal skills have developed. Each evening when you arrive, you will receive a Daily Report informing you of your baby’s day. Our teachers will document all meal times, diaper changes, nap times and play times.

Infant Room Includes:

  • Individual cribs for each child
  • A large variety of soft play toys
  • Open area for exploration and tummy time