Our program encourages social interaction while holding an understanding of each child’s emerging independence.

Your child will enjoy reading books, working on puzzles, and building structures with blocks.

They will explore textures and learn math concepts with water, sand and other tactile stimulants in the Sensory Play area.

Our Home Center in the classroom provides him/her the opportunity for pretend play, to practice language skills, and to understand his feelings and the feelings of others. Your child’s educator will share his day with you the great activities he enjoyed, what he ate, when he slept, and other things you want to know verbally or on a Toddler Daily Report.

Older Toddler Room includes:

  • Home Centers
  • Multiple Learning Centers: Books, Blocks, Puzzles, etc.
  • Action and Reaction Toys. Developmentally Appropriate Props, and Sensory Play Area
  • Indoor and Outdoor Open areas for Free Play